Prospect Cards Data Entry - Transfer

Note:Before you submit this Prospect Card Form make sure you entered all data correctly and all fields are formated appropriately:
SSN: format: xxx-xx-xxxx
Birthdate: format: mm/dd/yyyy
Postal: format: 5-digit or xxxxx-xxxx
Acad Prog. & Plan: use the PeopleSoft Program & Plans; i.e. ULART - ENGL
HS Code: Use PeopleSoft Org ID ONLY - 7 digit code

Emplid Gender * Female Male
First Name * SSN
Middle Name Birthdate *
Last Name * Ethnicity

Address 1 *
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City *
State * Postal

Admit Term * Acad Career *
Admit Type * FinAid Interest
Acad Program * Acad Plan
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